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Tower Hamlets Fieldwork

Tower Hamlets is an ideal place for Changing Places fieldwork.


The Changing Places CPD day for teachers has run several times in 2016 and 2017 and we will be updating and improving it again for 2018. The focus of the half- day session will again be getting to knw Tower Hamlets as a Changing Place  plus how to create robust urban fieldwork based on the Changing Places element of the new A Level specifications.

For summary of the key ideas and influences on this element of the specification see this summary from the RGS - IBG

Planning: Setting up an over –arching  enquiry question
Setting a robust enquiry question ensures that students are engaged in thinking through what data they need to collect and how they will carry out their analysis right from the start.  The enquiry question that we used lent itself to being broken down into a myriad of smaller enquiries which would suit the new individual investigation as pieces of fieldwork and the results of all would come together to share understanding of changing places from an academic perspective.

Methods and data collection

A-level individual investigations
The Tower Hamlets area is a rich resource for A-level individual investigations. We are keen to support schools working on this from 2016. So far we have helped over a dozen A-level groups get familiar with the East End through guided field walks incorporating workshops on suitable fieldwork techniques and signposting useful resources.

The student guide to the A level independent investigation authored by the RGS-IBG and funded by the Nuffield Foundation provides a superb step-by-step guide to all aspects of planning, collecting, analysing and presenting data. It can be downloaded here
Our own guide to local sources of data, websites and apps for fieldwork has been assessed by an A Level student to see how useful and easy to use the resources suggested are. We are grateful to Holly Meah (work experience in School of Geography, July 2017) for her help with this. 

Further help
To enquire about our next Tower Hamlets fieldwork day or request copies of these resources in Word format please contact our Schools Liaison officer.

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